Monday, January 16, 2012

Looking to Cut Some Calories?? Have We Got A Sangria For You!

the recipe for our Stumblin' Home Sangria out of our cookbook, The Drinking Girls' Guide to Spanish Food, normally calls for one cup of sugar.  One half of the Drinking Girls is taking her New Year's resolutions very seriously and is looking to shed a few pounds while still enjoying her favorite cocktails.  For those of you who are looking to do the same, you'll be glad to know that you can replace one cup of sugar with a half of a cup of Splenda Baking Sugar without sacrificing the taste.  Tiffani and her neighbors can attest to the fact that it's still muy delicioso!  If you'd like the recipe for Stumblin' Home Sangria all you need to do is order a copy of our cookbook.  You'll get four more original cocktail recipes, plus a ton of good food recipes as well.  To order, just scroll down and click on the "Buy Now" button to purchase right here from our website.  You'll be glad you did and so will you friends and neighbors!  Nothing says "fiesta" like a pitcher of sangria!  

Ashleigh & Tiffani
The Drinking Girls

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