Thursday, January 19, 2012

"Upcycling" Home Decor with Rustic Touch!

“Upcycling!”  That’s what Heather Downing calls it.  She's the stay-at-home mom turned entrepreneur who started her own Home Decor business she started last year.  Taking something old and turning it to something new and beautiful is what Rustic Touch is all about.  She fell in love with the "rustic" look as well as a love of eclectic  decor during her three years in Germany as well as through her travels across America.When Heather couldn’t find the home decor items she wanted for her own home in the big box stores, she grabbed her husband’s power tools and started designing and making them herself!  In short order, Heather went from making items for herself to selling her wares at her local Farmer's Market in Florida.  We found her fun creations on facebook.  When we saw that Rustic Touch's profile picture included a wine bag, wine crate, AND wine glasses, we knew we'd be fast friends!
Like we said, Heather loves to take old items and "upcycle" them.  She's taken old wooden trays and turned them into an interesting piece for the kitchen...a hanging chalkboard that is just adorable.  Heather finds wooden pieces and adds something to them or takes something from them to transform them into something else, just like her stenciled "vino box" as the top of this post.  
She  also has a way with old mason jars, turning them into an organizational canister set or cute soap dispensers.  Heather credits her husband, Chet, with helping her bring her ideas to life by continually teaching her how to use new power tools and helping out whenever she asks.  Heather says, "I am really blessed to have him."

When people think of Rustic Touch, Heather wants them "to think of quality, handmade unique gifts."  When she says unique, she really means it.  Anyone can order any item and it can be made to fit their individual space considerations and their individual needs.  One thing is for certain, Heather's customers will have a piece of decor or glassware that is sure to catch someone's attention.
Her bestseller, without a doubt, is her personalized glass, whether is be a set of wine glasses with an etched base for chalk labeling, a beer stein with someone's name on it, or a personalized casserole dish.  Who wouldn't love to have one of these items in their home?  Here are some other items from Rustic Touch that could be making your home a little more beautiful...
A variety of glass creations ranging from customized mirrors, wine glasses, coffee mugs, casserole dishes 
Hand painted wooden signs, chalkboards, dry erase boards and cork boards, as well as frames, most of which are made of reclaimed wood, in a variety of sizes and styles.
Burlap wine bags, table runners and other items, upon request
A line of chalk label products, such as etched base wine glasses, pitchers with etched labels for chalk, as well as beer and wine sets.
Home decor such as rustic tealight table runners, chalkboard calendars and coat hangers
When we asked Heather about her hopes for her business, she said, "My hope for the growth of this business is to continue to learn how to use my husband's garage full of tools and to continue to make my many ideas more tangible and something people will put in their homes."  We hope so too, Heather!
Heather, a native of Massachusettes, currently resides in sunny Florida with her helpful husband, Chet, her two kids, Emma (7) and Patrick (4), and her three adorable four-legged children, a Weimeraner named Duke, and two lovable mutts named Zeus and Zoe.  Visit Rustic Touch's facebook fan page at to keep up with all the new products Heather is creating.  Maybe you'll even win one of her cool creations in one of our upcoming giveaways!

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  1. I love your choices. I have been fascinated with the rustic design. I could use these decors for our New York new homes.

  2. My favorite piece is the calendar! It's very unique and modern. I could not wait for our home builders in NJ to wrap up our new house.

  3. what i like most above is bath Stone tubs and really it is looking amazing

  4. You can upcycling home with rustic touch. Know all about it


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