Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Our New Logo...What Do You Think??

We are so excited to have an official logo for the Drinking Girls!  Tell us what you think!  We will be adjusting our product line to incorporate the new logo, as well as opening our own online store with merchandise we love in the next couple of weeks!   

Monday, January 30, 2012

Announcing our 75 Follower Giveaway!!!

We are so excited to announce our latest Follower Giveaway...Our 75 Follower Giveaway, in fact!  It's sponsored by Khristine from Khei's Crafty Corner. She's offered up this set of three adorable wine covers and when we reach 75 NetworkedBlogs (facebook) followers, somebody is going to win them!  These "flamenco" wine covers are really cute, and whether you keep them for yourself to "spice" up your home decor, or use them to dress up your hostess gifts, everyone who sees them will love them...and want one!  ALL Followers AND Members are eligible, and if you are both, then you'll have two chances to win, if you sign up your spouse as both, you'll have four!  Hahaha!  So encourage your friends and family to become followers and members of The Drinking Girls blog because as soon as we hit 75 Followers we will draw the winner of the wine covers!  And if you haven't become a follower and/or member yet, what are you waiting for???

We will soon be launching our Drinking Girls store on the blog and we are stocking it with cookbooks and merchandise that we love.  You'll be able to order online right from the store with your credit card or through your PayPal account and your items will show up in your mailbox soon there after.  Comment here or message us, if you'd like to see Khristine's wine covers offered in our online store!

Ashleigh & Tiffani
The Drinking Girls

Friday, January 27, 2012

Dress Up Your Wine!!

Khristine first learned to crochet from her oldest sister when she was just seven years old.  As she grew up she also dabbled in embroidery and cross-stitch.   Born in Santa Mesa, Manila, she grew up in Makati City and finally left the Philippines in 1991 after marrying her sailor husband.  Over the years, she travelled around the world as a Navy wife, giving birth to two daughters and a son along the way.  As if she wasn’t busy enough, she also worked all over the world as a part of the Navy Exchange system.  It wasn’t until she moved to Madrid, Spain, where working as an American military spouse, isn’t so easy, that she slowed down long enough to get bored!  That’s when she picked up her hook and spool of yarn and started crocheting again, and again, and again, and again.  As a matter of fact, I’ve never seen a more prolific “hooker” (that’s what these crochet gals call themselves) than Khristine!
Khristine wearing one of her pretty hats
Maybe it’s her positive outlook on life that makes it so easy for her to create such fun and happy little creations!  Khristine, who at the outcry of all her fans, has finally set up a facebook fan page, has an eye for what’s cute and what people will like…and we should know because we’ve gladly purchased some of her darling creations!  Whether it’s wine cozies, Christmas stocking for your pets, or handmade purses and totes, you and your friends will love what Khristine has crocheted for you and yours.
When Khristine first got back into crocheting she started making scarf and hat sets, then she moved into dolls, jewelry, wine cozies, trivets, pot holders, casserole holders and afghans.  
When asked where she gets her ideas, Khristine immediately replies, “Youtube!”  the internet is truly amazing and it’s a place for people to share what they love to do and how to do it.  
She follows a lot of different crochet websites, and draws her inspiration from them.  When she sees something she likes, she puts her own spin on it, and voila…A Khristine original! 
Christmas stocking for your favorite kitty
Fill this Doggie stocking with treat for your  favorite pet

Khristine, like many of us, is an avid facebooker, and like so many of us, shares what she’s doing with her facebook friends.  She started posting pics of her “crochets” as she calls them, and the rest is history.  Her friends went crazy for them and soon, Khristine wasn’t just “hooking” for herself, but for her friends as well.  They wanted her creations, for themselves, their mothers, their sisters, their aunts, and their grandmothers.  Soon something that started as hobby to combat boredom turned into a business.  She would love for her business to grow, but not too fast…She is only one woman with two hands trying to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome!  She “is just happy that people like what she does and if they want to buy it, then great!”  
Khristine says that she just wants to put her crafty skills to good use.  She’s always been a crafty person making lace and fabric bags, clothing, scrapbooking, cross-stitch and embroidery, but crocheting is her favorite by far.  What’s her favorite item to make? Well, it was hats, but now, she’s really getting into make crocheted handbags.
What the Drinking Girls favorite item she makes?  These adorable flamenco wine covers!  So very appropriate for Spain! We love them so much and haven’t seen any quite like hers, so we asked her what served as her inspirations for these little cuties.  Here’s what she told us.  She had already started making wine cozies when she was washing her hands in a bathroom here in Spain, and saw a liquid soap dispenser “dressed in a little apron.”  
This reminded her of the flamenco aprons that are popular gift items her in Spain, and she thought, “Why not dress up bottles of wine for gifts instead of using traditional gift bags?”  I think she’s right!  They are adorable!  And for all of us living here in Spain, we think it’s a great item to give to family and friends back home, and don’t forget that special hostess! 
Khristine resides in Madrid with her husband, Joe, and her son, Ben.  Everyone knows and loves Khristine because she always greets you with a smile and is willing to help out those in need.  Be sure to go and check out Khristine’s crochets on her new facebook fan page.  Just follow the link to  Khei's Crafty Corner. Don’t forget to “like” her and let her know which of her items you like best!  We love them ALL!

Ashleigh & Tiffani 
The Drinking Girls

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Winter Special--Warm Up This Winter with our Drinking Girls PJs for Ladies & Their Men Too!

Classic Drinking Girls PJs for Ladies
We now have our own store on Cafepress.com and are excited to share with you some of the fun items available to purchase!  You can visit our shop to see all Drinking Girls merchandise, but we wanted to highlight the Winter Special we are having on our Ladies' and Men's Pajama Sets.  For a limited time, ALL PJs are 10% off.  All sets are just $35 thru the month of February!  Just in time for Valentine's Day!  Wouldn't your hubby look cute in one of our Men's sets that say "I love my Drinking Girl" or I sleep with a "Drinking Girl?"  And how about you?  Need to update your lounge wear?  How about one off our cute PJ sets for you with Ashleigh's favorite quip, "Does this drink make my butt look big?" or Tiff's "How can I be so thirsty this morning when I drank so much last night?"  Add one of these fun sets to your wardrobe today!
"Does this drink make my butt look big?" PJs for Ladies
"You had me at Merlot" PJs for Ladies
"How can I be so thristy in the morning, when I drank so much last night?"
 PJs for Ladies
Drinking Girls PJs for Guys or Ladies who like a loose fit!
"I love my Drinking Girl" PJs for Guys
"I Sleep with a Drinking Girl" PJs for Guys 
"How can I be so thirsty in the morning, when I drank so much last night?" PJs for Guys
Ashleigh & Tiffani
The Drinking Girls

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cooking with Friends is Fun! Just Ask the Drinking Girls!

And it’s even more fun when you add cocktails to the mix…after the cooking’s done, of course!  Ashleigh is ready to start holding cooking classes in her very own kitchen!  She’s looking for 3-4 people who’d like to join her in cooking their way through the Drinking Girls’ Guide to Spanish Food.  She’ll be offering four weekly sessions, approximately three hours in length.  Ashleigh will do the grocery shopping and the clean up, and all you have to do is help with the cooking…then enjoy your meal and toast your efforts with a Drinking Girls’ cocktail.  Ashleigh is available for daytime or nighttime sessions.  So whether you attend with your spouse, old friends, or even new ones, you’ll be flippin’ your tortilla like a pro and serving up an Arroz con Leche to rival any Spanish abuela.  At the end of your four sessions, you’ll receive a gift to remind you of your hours spent cooking in the Drinking Girls test kitchen.
So what’s on the menu?  You’ll be learning how to prepare four out of the five menus from our book, including cocktails plus two tapas dishes, as well as two desserts.  It’s so great to be able to wow your family with your own Spanish Tortilla, fabulous sangria, and tapas that are as good as you’ll get at any bar in Madrid.  Sure, it’s fun to go out, but it’s not always easy, especially if you have little ones or don’t want to wait to eat your evening meal at the traditional 9pm Spanish dinner hour.  Plus, it’s nice to know how to prepare a great Spanish spread to welcome guests or to share a little bit of Spanish culture with family and friends when you go back home.  These recipes will have people requesting your Spanish fare over and over again.  The total cost of the four sessions, which includes all your instruction, cocktails, food, and fun is 160€ per person for ALL 4 session payable before the first session.  We accept cash and all major credit cards.  If you or a group of you are interested, comment here, on the Drinking Girls facebook fan page, or send an email to drinkinggirlsguide@gmail.com and we’ll get your sessions on the calendar.  If you haven’t picked up your copy of our cookbook, those will also be available for purchase.
 Recipes you’ll be cooking include:
Gazpacho A-Go-Go
Traditional Spanish Tortilla
Malpica Mixed Greens Salad with Super Simple Sherry Vinaigrette
Fried Manchego
Valencia Sunrise Cocktail
Pollo Loco Asado
Ga-Ga for Garlic Potatoes
Velvety Cream of Mushroom Soup
Arroz con Leche
No Secret’s Safe White Sangria
Gambas al Ajillo
Bet Your “Asparagus” Soup
Sautéed Green Beans with Pine Nuts
Patatas Aiöli
Strawberry Blush Cocktail
Seas Scallops in Cava Cream Sauce
Gone in 60 Seconds Sautéed Mushrooms
Roasted Jamon-Wrapped Asparagus
Tempranillo Poached Peaches with Vanilla Ice Cream
Lemony Cava Cooler

The Drinking Girls

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Winner of the Wine Bags Is...

 ...Christy H. of Maryland!  These little cuties will have a new and loving home!  She is the winner of our 50 Follower Giveaway! This was the second of many wonderful prizes we will be gifting to you, our loyal followers and the first sponsored by one of our partners, Rustic Touch.  Why did we partner with Rustic Touch?  Because we love their home decor items and how they pair so perfectly with what the Drinking Girls are all about..cocktails, food and fun!  As we get more and more followers, we'll be giving away more great prizes from other little start up companies, much like us.  Heather Downing is a mom who has an amazing talent to share!  Her creations are too darn cute and we want to support her "home-grown" business! Please show Heather your support and appreciation for donating this prize and upcoming prizes to TheDrinkingGirls.com!  Follow this link, check out her creations, and if you haven't already dome so..."Like" her on facebook today!  Cheers, Ashleigh & Tiffani, The Drinking Girls

Friday, January 20, 2012

50 Follower Rustic Touch Wine Bag Giveaway!

We are thrilled to announce our latest promotion...Our 50 Follower Rustic Touch Wine Bag Giveaway!  We're trying to reach 50 facebook followers and when we do, we're going to celebrate by giving one of you this set of three burlap wine bags from our friends at Rustic Touch.  

There are two ways to follow The Drinking Girls blog...#1. Click on the "Follow this blog" button at the bottom of the NetworkedBlogs (facebook) box.      #2.  Click on the "Join this site" button to follow and become a member of the site.  We are looking to increase our facebook followers from 38 to 50.  If you become a facebook follower AND a member, then you'll have two chances to win the wine bags when we reach 50 facebook followers.  So what are you waiting for?  Click those buttons and follow the directions and you just might be be a winner!  

Show your appreciation to our sponsor, Rustic Touch by following this link to their fan page and "like" them on facebook.  Show them it was worth their while to donate their beautiful creations to The Drinking Girls!  Thanks Rustic Touch!

Ashleigh & Tiffani
The Drinking Girls

Thursday, January 19, 2012

"Upcycling" Home Decor with Rustic Touch!

“Upcycling!”  That’s what Heather Downing calls it.  She's the stay-at-home mom turned entrepreneur who started her own Home Decor business she started last year.  Taking something old and turning it to something new and beautiful is what Rustic Touch is all about.  She fell in love with the "rustic" look as well as a love of eclectic  decor during her three years in Germany as well as through her travels across America.When Heather couldn’t find the home decor items she wanted for her own home in the big box stores, she grabbed her husband’s power tools and started designing and making them herself!  In short order, Heather went from making items for herself to selling her wares at her local Farmer's Market in Florida.  We found her fun creations on facebook.  When we saw that Rustic Touch's profile picture included a wine bag, wine crate, AND wine glasses, we knew we'd be fast friends!
Like we said, Heather loves to take old items and "upcycle" them.  She's taken old wooden trays and turned them into an interesting piece for the kitchen...a hanging chalkboard that is just adorable.  Heather finds wooden pieces and adds something to them or takes something from them to transform them into something else, just like her stenciled "vino box" as the top of this post.  
She  also has a way with old mason jars, turning them into an organizational canister set or cute soap dispensers.  Heather credits her husband, Chet, with helping her bring her ideas to life by continually teaching her how to use new power tools and helping out whenever she asks.  Heather says, "I am really blessed to have him."

When people think of Rustic Touch, Heather wants them "to think of quality, handmade unique gifts."  When she says unique, she really means it.  Anyone can order any item and it can be made to fit their individual space considerations and their individual needs.  One thing is for certain, Heather's customers will have a piece of decor or glassware that is sure to catch someone's attention.
Her bestseller, without a doubt, is her personalized glass, whether is be a set of wine glasses with an etched base for chalk labeling, a beer stein with someone's name on it, or a personalized casserole dish.  Who wouldn't love to have one of these items in their home?  Here are some other items from Rustic Touch that could be making your home a little more beautiful...
A variety of glass creations ranging from customized mirrors, wine glasses, coffee mugs, casserole dishes 
Hand painted wooden signs, chalkboards, dry erase boards and cork boards, as well as frames, most of which are made of reclaimed wood, in a variety of sizes and styles.
Burlap wine bags, table runners and other items, upon request
A line of chalk label products, such as etched base wine glasses, pitchers with etched labels for chalk, as well as beer and wine sets.
Home decor such as rustic tealight table runners, chalkboard calendars and coat hangers
When we asked Heather about her hopes for her business, she said, "My hope for the growth of this business is to continue to learn how to use my husband's garage full of tools and to continue to make my many ideas more tangible and something people will put in their homes."  We hope so too, Heather!
Heather, a native of Massachusettes, currently resides in sunny Florida with her helpful husband, Chet, her two kids, Emma (7) and Patrick (4), and her three adorable four-legged children, a Weimeraner named Duke, and two lovable mutts named Zeus and Zoe.  Visit Rustic Touch's facebook fan page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rustic-Touch/300080913350467 to keep up with all the new products Heather is creating.  Maybe you'll even win one of her cool creations in one of our upcoming giveaways!

Ashleigh & Tiffani
The Drinking Girls

Monday, January 16, 2012

Looking to Cut Some Calories?? Have We Got A Sangria For You!

the recipe for our Stumblin' Home Sangria out of our cookbook, The Drinking Girls' Guide to Spanish Food, normally calls for one cup of sugar.  One half of the Drinking Girls is taking her New Year's resolutions very seriously and is looking to shed a few pounds while still enjoying her favorite cocktails.  For those of you who are looking to do the same, you'll be glad to know that you can replace one cup of sugar with a half of a cup of Splenda Baking Sugar without sacrificing the taste.  Tiffani and her neighbors can attest to the fact that it's still muy delicioso!  If you'd like the recipe for Stumblin' Home Sangria all you need to do is order a copy of our cookbook.  You'll get four more original cocktail recipes, plus a ton of good food recipes as well.  To order, just scroll down and click on the "Buy Now" button to purchase right here from our website.  You'll be glad you did and so will you friends and neighbors!  Nothing says "fiesta" like a pitcher of sangria!  

Ashleigh & Tiffani
The Drinking Girls

Friday, January 13, 2012

And the Title is...

So there it is...The working title of our second cookbook.  Of course, if you know us, then you also know that we reserve the right to change the title later on if we think of something we like better.  Haha!  But seriously folks, we're pretty pleased with this one!  One thing the Drinking Girls love more than anything else is having fun!  And let's face it, parties ARE fun, but planning them? Not so much...unless you do it The Drinking Girls way!  Then you can laugh even when this don't always go exactly as expected.

So what will be in this book, you ask?  Well, new cocktails, of course!  We are the Drinking Girls, for goodness sakes.  We'll also have some great appetizers recipes, five fun party menus, drunken desserts, as well as guidelines for planning the perfect party in a snap regardless of the occasion.  We'll be keeping you posted on our progress right here on the Drinking Girls blog with our "Tales from the Test Kitchen" posts.  We hope you'll come along with us on this journey.  We look forward to your feedback! 

If you like what you see, don't keep it to yourself...Tell your friends and ask them to follow us.  We are already working hard to grow our blog and spread the Drinking Girls brand.  We've secured some great prizes from some wonderful businesses for upcoming Follower Giveaways.  Our first giveaway will take place as soon as we hit FIFTY facebook followers.  We will be marking our Follower milestones by giving YOU great prizes!  AND all followers will be eligible, not just new ones!  You are going to love the people we've partnered with and what they have agreed to give to our followers.  Here's to great things in 2012!  

Ashleigh & Tiffani
The Drinking Girls

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Our Next Cookbook...

We just had our first official work meeting about our new cookbook yesterday!  We already have some great ideas for the next book.  We are nearly sold out of our Spanish Cookbook with around 600 of them sold to date, so we figured it's time to get started on our next one.  We'll be announcing the title of the new book on Friday!  

Besides the new book, in the coming year we will be debuting our official Drinking Girls logo, working with other businesses to bring you some great giveaways, as well as official "Drinking Girls" merchandise.  We believe in giving the people what they want, so be sure to provide your input when we ask for it!!!  We are so excited and can't wait to let you in on all our plans!  Remember, the Drinking Girls are you guide to Cocktails, Food and Fun! 

Ashleigh & Tiffani
The Drinking Girls

Monday, January 9, 2012

What Do You Get A Drinking Girl For Christmas???

Why, cocktail ornaments, of course!  Ashleigh received these adorable silver cuties from her sister-in-law and fellow Drinking Girl, Laurie.  She just loves them and is now planning on looking for more ornaments to add to the margarita glass, martini glass and cocktail shaker she received, and decorate a miniature Drinking Girls Tree for next year.  Laurie purchased these shiny silver baubles from Crate & Barrel!  Crate & Barrel rocks...and so does Laurie!  

Friday, January 6, 2012

Spanish Cazuela Giveaway Winner!!!!

Laura R. of California!!!!  Congratulations!!!!  Guess three cookbooks was a charm!  Thanks so much for your order!  You've won this...Terra cotta Spanish cookware that can be used in the oven, microwave, and on the stovetop...
So now you'll be able to pull out that cookbook and make this...our yummy Pollo Loco Asado and Ga-Ga for Garlic Potatoes...Everyone will love it!!!!  You're going to be very popular!
Eventhough, you might want to wait until your cookware arrives to make the roasted chicken and potatoes, you can use our cookbook to make our refreshing Lemony Cava Cooler and toast your good luck today!  congrats! 
Cheers, Ashleigh & Tiffani, The Drinking Girls
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